Suspect Captured in LA Arson Spree as Downtown Desperately Dodges Disaster in Arson Alert

Suspect Captured in LA Arson Spree as Downtown Desperately Dodges Disaster in Arson AlertSource: Google Street View
Jake Rodriguez
Published on November 29, 2023

Flames erupted across downtown Los Angeles in what appears to be a series of deliberate acts of arson, sending shockwaves through the South Park District. In a situation straight out of a crime thriller, private security caught Miguel Abad Muñoz in the act as he set fire after fire along the bustling corridors of Figueroa Street and Olympic Boulevard, prompting an urgent response from local authorities.

The LAPD Central Division detectives quickly stepped in and apprehended the suspect earlier this week. Armed with the suspect's description from witnesses, patrol officers swiftly located and arrested Muñoz near Hope Street north of Washington Boulevard, as LAPD's Public Information Office reported on X. Muñoz, who is facing $50,000 bail, was found with a small black butane lighter, now booked as damning evidence in this fiery spree.


An intense investigation post-arrest revealed a shocking total of eight separate sites where Muñoz is alleged to have left his incendiary mark. Everything from loose trash to miscellaneous debris was set ablaze, igniting a metaphorical firestorm of concern amongst downtown dwellers and patrons alike. In response, the Los Angeles Fire Department was quick on the scene, ensuring that each of the fires was thoroughly quenched and posed no further threat to the community.

In the aftermath of the arrest, detectives are actively seeking to piece together a full account of the destruction wrought and are calling upon the public to come forward with any information. "Anyone who witnessed these acts of arson, or who has additional information is asked to contact LAPD Central Area Detectives," the LAPD stated. As they continue to build upon the case, the Los Angeles Fire Department Arson Investigators have joined to rigorously assist in this ongoing probe, determined to uncover whether more fires can be traced back to Muñoz's handiwork.

The authorities are urging anyone with information to adopt this spirit, providing numerous channels for anonymous tips, including the LA Regional Crime Stoppers hotline and the "P-3 Tips" mobile app.