Mighty Texas Dog Walk Struts for Service Pups

Mighty Texas Dog Walk Struts for Service PupsSource: Facebook / Mighty Texas Dog Walk & Expo - Susan Arbuckle
Matt Mitchell
Published on November 23, 2023

The "doggiest day in Austin" unleashed its charm this past weekend as the 23rd Annual Mighty Texas Dog Walk pawed its way through Camp Mabry, where thousands of canines and their humans strutted for a cause that's more than fetching. According to a KXAN report, the beloved event, famously known for being "Austin’s biggest party for dogs," successfully raised funds for Service Dogs Inc, a local non-profit dedicated to providing free service dogs to Texan veterans and individuals with disabilities.

The parade grounds buzzed with enthusiasm as pooches of all sizes and breeds pranced alongside their owners. In what's being hailed as the event's biggest turnout, roughly 50 vendors gathered to support the furry fête, creating a spectacle of tails wagging and canine-friendly revelry. As the CEO of Service Dogs Inc., Sheri Soltes, articulated in an interview covered by FOX 7 Austin, "I think this is the biggest year we’ve had, it’s most the vendors we’ve ever had, it’s the most games and fun we’ve ever had, and I think it’s perfect dog weather."

The event didn't just bark up the charity tree; it also provided a chance for Austinites to chew over the vital role service dogs play in transforming lives. Service Dogs Inc., as reiterated by FOX 7 Austin, not only provides hearing and service dogs to wounded vets but also trains dogs that assist first responders and support children in court. Sheri Soltes summed it up best: "Service dogs give people their lives back, whether you’re blind, you’re deaf, you’re in a wheelchair, a dog is a piece of technology, but it’s more than that, it’s a best friend."

A paw-ticular attendee, dog owner Shyla Jaramillo, could not contain her enthusiasm. Described by KXAN, as beaming with pride, she expressed the significance of her service dog, Beso, in her life. "They’re amazing for the people that are in need of support with their disability, to help them live a normal life just like anybody else," Jaramillo told KXAN. Reflecting the sentiment of many at the Mighty Texas Dog Walk, it's clear these dogs aren't just fetching sticks; they're fetching independence and joy for many Texans, one wag at a time.