Houston Honors WWII Vets Achieving Historic 100 Mark with a Centurion Salute

Houston Honors WWII Vets Achieving Historic 100 Mark with a Centurion SaluteSource: Houston VA website
John Becker
Published on November 25, 2023

In Houston, a blast from the past was felt as the city paid tribute to some real-life heroes. Galveston Grays, a revered World War II vet, ticked off a century on the calendar, while three other veterans marked their entry into the 100-year club with gusto. Galveston, whose life story was shared in a FOX26 Houston report, spent his 100th birthday yesterday entrenched in simple joys and family love—33 grandchildren, 55 great-grandkids, and 15 great-great-grandchildren, to be exact.

Houston's own Mayor Kevin Cole rolled out the red carpet, declaring Nov. 24 as "Galveston Grays Day"—a nod to the vet's service, both at war and at peace, fishing Galveston's waters, and serving in the ministry at Blessed Hope Baptist Church. Meanwhile, the VA in Beaumont wasn't about to be outdone; they lavished a triple birthday bash on Louis Scott, who hit 102, and both Ivory Joubert and Sam Daleo, who clocked in a solid century as per a report from the Veterans Affairs news outlet.

These aren't just your average Joe centenarians; they're bona fide national treasures. Lindsey Crain from Michael E. DeBakey VA in Houston expressed the sentiment well, saying, "At VA, it is our honor and privilege to care for these three World War II heroes. We couldn’t be more proud to participate in their milestone birthday celebrations and thank them for their service," during the joyous event for the trio of vets as mentioned by Veterans Affairs.

The festivities weren't just cake and candles. The vets dished out nuggets of wisdom gained from a lifetime, which had seen history unfold before their eyes. Daleo attributed his longevity to "being inherently kind to others and eating clean." Scott also shared his lifestyle mantras, remarking, "I don’t sweat the small stuff and I do unto others. I also don’t smoke and only drink top-shelf,” according to the VA account

Myia Barton, a social worker, organized the Beaumont bash and couldn't hide her delight: "It was great to see so many members of the southeast Texas community come out and celebrate these Veterans. Each of them is incredibly special, and seeing their faces light up made my day," as recounted by VA news