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Published on November 28, 2023
Twentynine Palms Witnesses Daylight Shootout, Four Suspected Gunmen CuffedSource: Google Street View

Gunfire rang out in broad daylight at Twentynine Palms, with four suspects now behind bars for their alleged roles in a gripping attempted murder saga. According to the San Bernardino County Sheriff-Coroner Department, yesterday, a female was left staring down the barrel of death when suspects from Desert Hot Springs showed up at her door and one unleashed a storm of bullets. The terrifying shootout took place at a residence located on the 73000 block of El Paseo Drive, leaving the community on edge but the victim miraculously unscathed.

With the suspects identified as Antonio Gray, Nevaeh Gray, Robert Gallardo Noriega, and Mayra Lopez Garcia, the narrative unfolded with reports that the crew traveled with malicious intent to confront the unknowing residents, where an argument sparked and then Antonio unleashed his fury on the female victim, firing several shots at her; the woman luckily was not struck by the flying lead. Despite fleeing the crime scene, the suspect's escape was short-lived, as a swift response from local deputies ensured a felony traffic stop clamped down on their ill-fated attempt at evasion; the suspects were arrested after deputies tracked them down heading west on the SR-62 highway.

A loaded handgun became the star witness, found in the suspects’ getaway car and serving as a silent confirmation of the grave intentions held within. The quartet now finds themselves lodged at the West Valley Detention Center, with Antonio Gray accused of attempted murder and conspiracy to commit a crime, while his accomplices face charges of accessory to the same, with bails set staggeringly high—Antonio's at $1.1 million and his associates each at $600,000.

The local sheriff’s department, led by Detective S. Crowl, is calling on anyone with insight to come forward, and those seeking to remain nameless can reach out to We-Tip at 1-800-78-CRIME to share what they know.