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Published on November 18, 2023
 A pedestrian in Moreno Valley was struck by an intoxicated hit-and-run driver, and the suspect has been charged with felony DUI and hit-and-run.Google Street View

Yesterday, an accident befell Moreno Valley when a hit-and-run driver, determined to be intoxicated, struck a pedestrian and left the scene. On sight at the junction of Cottonwood Avenue and Graham Street were Riverside Sheriff's deputies, who found the injured party as reported by Riverside Sheriff's Department.

The suspect, 21-year-old Jose Andres Mateo Rodas of Moreno Valley, was shortly found in his damaged 2000 Acura. Moreno Valley Sheriff's Station Traffic Collision Reconstruction Team gathered enough evidence to charge Rodas with felony driving under the influence and felony hit-and-run,  as per the Riverside County Sheriff's Office. The incident affected an Eastern Municipal Water District employee on duty when the collision happened.

Such occurrences resonate through the community, impacting not only the victim and their family but also local businesses and public safety. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, in 2018, "5,977 pedestrians were killed in traffic crashes, a 3.4% increase from the 5,786 pedestrian fatalities in 2017." This underlines the need for improved infrastructure, education campaigns, and law enforcement efforts.

An approach to mitigating the issue of drunk driving is through preventative measures, which include increased awareness campaigns, stricter DUI laws, and more accessible public transportation options. For technologically advanced remedies, devices like ignition interlock systems can be employed. These prevent a vehicle from starting if the driver's blood alcohol content exceeds a certain level.