Deadly Shooting in Long Beach as Sinister Street Meeting Leads to 41-Year-Old Man's Death

Deadly Shooting in Long Beach as Sinister Street Meeting Leads to 41-Year-Old Man's DeathSource: Google Street View
Jake Rodriguez
Published on November 28, 2023

On Sunday morning, a confrontation turned deadly on Pine Avenue in Long Beach. As a 41-year-old man was gunned down, the city's streets were again stained with the sorrow of loss. The victim, identified as Andre McClendon, was approached by an unidentified group, a meeting that tragically culminated in gunfire and fatalities.

The Long Beach Police Department reports the incident occurred around 2:20 a.m., with McClendon sustaining a fatal gunshot wound to his upper body. Despite the paramedics' best efforts, they pronounced him dead upon their arrival at the scene. The suspects, who remain at large, were reportedly seen to hastily flee the area in a vehicle, leaving authorities to desperately search for leads and a possible motive, according to CBS News Los Angeles.

In a news release, the Long Beach Police Department confirmed that homicide detectives are actively investigating what marks another unnerving chapter of violence in the neighborhood. The call that broke the early silence came at 2:18 a.m., dragging officers to the scene of the crime, a scant two minutes before the tragedy truly began to unfold. "Homicide detectives responded to the scene. Through their preliminary investigation, detectives determined the victim was shot shortly after being approached by several male suspects," stated the police news release, highlighting the sudden and brutal nature of the incident.

Residents of Long Beach are urged to come forward with any information that could potentially lead to the apprehension of the individuals responsible for McClendon's death. "Anyone with information regarding the incident is urged to contact Homicide Detectives Oscar Valenzuela or Leticia Gamboa," the department has indicated, manifesting a plea for communal aid within this ongoing investigation. Anonymous tips can also be funneled through the LA Crime Stoppers initiative, as mentioned in the Long Beach Police Department's post on X.