Shoplifters Snagged in SF Sweep, 'Blitz 23' Nabs 17 on Mission St. Mayhem

Shoplifters Snagged in SF Sweep, 'Blitz 23' Nabs 17 on Mission St. MayhemSource: Google Street View
Eileen Vargas
Published on November 30, 2023

In a bold move by the San Francisco Police Department, a shoplifting "blitz" dubbed "Blitz '23" has successfully led to the handcuffing of 17 suspects, according to an official statement. The targeted effort, aimed at clamping down on the rampant retail theft plaguing the city's stores, took place at a retail hotspot on 700 Mission St., notorious for its high incident rate of shoplifting.

A list of those arrested was made public, with offenses ranging from standard shoplifting to outstanding warrants from various California jurisdictions. Among the detained was Marcus Terrell, a 42-year-old from Richmond, snagged by authorities for shoplifting and booked on two warrants, one without bail for violations including burglary and grand theft, and another from Milpitas, setting bail at $10,000. In a less fortunate twist of fate for the arrested, some, like Tennyson Jackson, also 42, faced the music with a San Mateo warrant dangling a $11,000 bail over their heads for alleged violations including commercial burglary and identity theft.

The operation proved its efficacy, as merchandise was swiftly reclaimed and returned to the battered retail establishment. This tactical enforcement endeavor is merely a piece of a wider, determined mosaic by the SFPD to staunch the bleeding of businesses suffering at the hands of systematic theft.

Despite the arrests and the momentary triumph, the San Francisco Police Department remains vigilant. Authorities urge the community to contribute by contacting the SFPD at 1-415-575-4444, or anonymously via text by starting with SFPD to TIP411, with any information that may help further these investigations.