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Published on November 17, 2023
Wise County Startled by Booms, Suspected Sonic OriginsSource: Google Street View

Residents of Wise County, Texas, were on edge on the afternoon of November 16th as loud booms resonated in their homes. The Wise County Sheriff's Office suspects the cause was sonic booms from military airplanes, though official confirmation is forthcoming. "It appears to be a sonic boom and not something more serious," Chief Deputy Craig Johnson announced as quoted by the Wise County Messenger.

The concussive noise rattled homes across the county, prompting residents to inquire about its origin both online and at the Wise County Sheriff's Office. The disturbance occurred just before 1:30 p.m., leaving residents puzzled. Emergency personnel ruled out any immediate danger but are nevertheless persevering in their investigation according to NBC DFW.

At present, the Wise County Office of Emergency Management has yet to provide an official resolution for the disturbance. Until then, speculation about the noise's origin will abound, tempered by the relief that the situation was "not something more serious," according to the Wise County Messenger.