Texas Court Allows Emergency Abortion for Dallas Woman in Landmark Ruling

Texas Court Allows Emergency Abortion for Dallas Woman in Landmark RulingSource: Houston Public Media Official Website
Maddie Taylor Hartley
Published on December 07, 2023

In a decisive turn of events for Texas abortion law, a state court has given the green light for a Houston doctor to perform an emergency abortion on a Dallas woman. Confronting a severe pregnancy complication that puts both her life and fertility at risk, Kate Cox won the right to terminate her pregnancy in a state staunchly opposed to the procedure. Citing the potentially fatal fetal condition known as trisomy 18, Cox's medical turmoil triggered legal action and has now paved the way for this rare exemption to the ban.

Dr. Damla Karsan granted her the ability to provide an abortion without fear of prosecution. Comprehensive Women’s Healthcare, Dr. Karsan’s practice located at 7900 Fannin St., stands at the center of this groundbreaking case. This is the first case since the Texas abortion law took effect and Roe v. Wade was overturned, according to Click2Houston.

Travis County's Judge Maya Guerra Gamble, presiding over the emergency hearing, solidified her stance amid arguments presented by state attorneys and Cox's legal team. Citing the serious risks associated with Cox's condition, the Center for Reproductive Rights took the case head-on, championing the cause for the Dallas woman. “The idea that Miss Cox wants desperately to be a parent and this law might actually cause her to lose that ability is shocking and would be a genuine miscarriage of justice,” Judge Gamble was quoted in a statement obtained by Houston Public Media.

The emergency hearing, which reportedly lasted about 30 minutes,. Gamble said she would send out a signed order on Thursday.