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Published on May 19, 2024
IRS Whistleblowers Counter Hunter Biden's Lawsuit, Seeking Dismissal Over Alleged Tax Info LeaksSource: Google Street View

Two IRS whistleblowers at the center of a heated legal battle, Gary Shapley and Joseph Ziegler, are pushing back against Hunter Biden with force, seeking to have a judge dismiss his lawsuit accusing them of unauthorized disclosure of tax information. The duo, who have blown the whistle on what they see as mishandling of the investigation into the president's son, have cited a critical conflict of interest as the reason for the tax agency's inability to represent their interests fully, according to documents filed Friday and obtained by CBS News.

Their entanglement with the younger Biden began when they claimed to have observed special treatment in his tax probe, a claim that has since placed them directly in the crosshairs of a civil lawsuit; this lawsuit accuses them of engaging in a smear campaign against Biden and divulging private taxpayer information, but it's their careers, their reputations that are at stake, and they feel that only a dismissal will fend off the adverse effects they might face as alleged by the motions they've filed. Shapley and Ziegler have stated that they were careful to avoid the release of confidential information and assert that their actions fall under rights granted by whistleblower statutes, as reported by CBS News.

Hunter Biden's lawsuit seeks recompense, specifically $1,000 for each claimed unauthorized disclosure plus additional punitive damages, underscoring the gravity with which he views the alleged privacy violations. The whistleblowers, however, dispute the claims arguing that discussions they had with media outlets like CBS News about the ongoing investigation were within their right, done in line with protections established to prevent gross mismanagement and abuses of authority. This move to intervene and dismiss, they argue, is an attempt to safeguard their ability to speak out against what they perceive as wrongs within the IRS system without fear of retaliation.

In stark contrast to the whistleblowers' claims of judicious behavior, Hunter Biden’s lawsuit contends that during various interviews, including those conducted on April 19 and May 24 and another on June 28, Shapley and an attorney by the name of Mark Lytle, disclosed sensitive tax-related details without consent, but the whistleblowers maintain their refute of these allegations, insisting their comments have been grossly misconstrued. The Department of Justice has maintained silence regarding the new filings, and the IRS, alongside attorneys for Hunter Biden, have yet to lodge a formal response to the whistleblowers’ claims, leaving the matter now to the discretion of U.S. District Court Judge Rudolph Contreras following future responses from the IRS and Biden's legal team, as per the filing details from the New York Post's X account.