Cypress Police Warn of Rising WhatsApp Impersonation Scams Soliciting Donations

Cypress Police Warn of Rising WhatsApp Impersonation Scams Soliciting DonationsSource: Instagram/The Cypress Police Department
Jake Rodriguez
Published on December 05, 2023

Orange County residents are on high alert as the Cypress Police Department has reported a surge in fraudulent calls from individuals impersonating law enforcement officers. The scammers, dialing in via WhatsApp from out-of-country numbers, have been falsely representing themselves as members of the local police force, attempting to con residents into making donations,as reported by KTLA.

According to an Instagram post by the Cypress Police Department, these deceitful callers have gone to the lengths to creatively display the Cypress Police Department patch as their caller ID and profile logo, in effort to lend themselves an air of legitimacy. "The callers are utilizing the Cypress Police Department patch as the logo that is shown on their caller ID and profile,” the department cautioned.



These scammers request that individuals send funds to what they claim are affiliated organizations, namely the police department and the Police Officer Association. However, the police have confirmed that these requests are part of a scam, and there is no such affiliation with the fraudulent callers. The Cypress Police Department urges residents not to transfer any money and instead to report such encounters.

In their ongoing efforts to combat this scam, the department stated, “If you ever receive a similar phone call, text, or e-mail, and have questions about the validity, please contact us.” The message was clear: residents should remain vigilant and always double check directly with official sources before responding to any such requests for donations. The department also shared a visual guide on social media to help people recognize and avoid becoming victims of this con.

The police are actively working towards halting this worrying trend and ask the community to report suspicious communications immediately. This cooperation between the residents and the law enforcers is vital in the clampdown on these false solicitation attempts cloaked in the guise of authority. The end goal, ensuring that no resident is duped by these illusions of authenticity, remains a priority for the Cypress Police Department.