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Published on December 21, 2023
Rookie CHP Officers in Oakland Suspect Driver of DUI, Uncover Theft and Drug Operation During Traffic StopSource: CHP Oakland

Two rookie California Highway Patrol officers, still in their field training phase, made a significant bust last week when they nabbed a driver on suspicion of drug impairment. According to a Facebook post by the Oakland CHP, Officers Lugo and Worthy, who are yet to complete their full training, showcased their sharp instincts during a routine traffic stop on Thursday, December 14.

The officers pulled over the driver, who exhibited clear signs of impairment. After conducting field sobriety tests, the officers arrested the individual on suspicion of driving under the influence of drugs. But the officers' surveillance didn't end there, during a subsequent search of the vehicle, they unearthed stolen checks, tax documents belonging to a local business, and drugs that appeared to be heroin, along with a hefty sum of approximately $200,000, as reported by Oakland CHP.

This bust resulted in the driver facing multiple charges, including driving under the influence, drug possession, and theft. The sharp-eyed officers' work not only removed a potentially dangerous driver from the streets but also disrupted what appears to be a larger scheme of theft and drug possession. Oakland CHP commended the officers, stating, "Their quick thinking and attention to detail resulted in the driver's arrest on multiple charges related to driving under the influence, drug possession, and theft. Great work officers!"