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South Florida Soars as Startup's eVTOL Car Cleared for Takeoff, Pompano Beach Mayor Touts 'Game Changer'

South Florida Soars as Startup's eVTOL Car Cleared for Takeoff, Pompano Beach Mayor Touts 'Game Changer'Source: Facebook/Doron Merdinger
Ethan Anderson
Published on December 08, 2023

CEO and founder Doron Merdinger's startup is preparing to change the way people travel with its full-scale prototype, the Doroni H1. According to a report by Local 10, Merdinger is confident that the semi-autonomous electric vehicle they're developing will be simple to use and will serve present and future transportation needs.

This new player in the urban mobility field has already snagged the attention of investors as well as the Federal Aviation Administration. Just recently, the FAA cleared the Doroni H1 as an experimental aircraft, allowing for indoor and outdoor flights essential for demonstrations. "This is quiet. This is safer, this is efficient," Merdinger pointed out in an interview. Mayor Rex Hardin of Pompano Beach got a glimpse of the action and called it a "game changer," highlighting that it operates without the need for gasoline or roads. The cost of H1 is expected to run somewhere between $300,000 and $375,000.

Doroni has been putting the H1 through its paces, with CEO Merdinger already taking the electric personal vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft on real flights. "This is not just a milestone for our company, it is a leap forward for the entire field of personal air mobility. The electric flying car is redefining urban transport. We already have more than 370 pre-orders for it,”  Merdinger announced, as indicated by NewsYou. The company already boasts over 370 pre-orders for their product.

Equipped with ten independent power units and boasting a top speed of 225 km/h, the H1 has design features that ensure stability during flight. One notable early adopter keen on cutting through the weather of traffic with flight—but certification, demanding at least a 20-hour flight course—stands between ground commute and air superiority. Although aimed at individual use, the manufacturer also sees potential in deploying their eVTOLs in air taxi services, projecting a production ramp-up to 2500 units per year.

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