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Published on January 22, 2024
'Olivia' and 'Liam' Top Boston's Most Popular Baby Names of 2023Source: Unsplash/ Jonathan Borba

The city's Registry Division released a list Monday showing the most popular baby names of 2023, with some familiar favorites topping the chart as well as a mix of traditional and modern monikers. In a city known for its historic charm and a penchant for tradition, it appears when it comes to naming their offspring, Boston parents are keeping it classic.

According to the data gathered by the City of Boston, 'Olivia' and 'Liam' reign supreme as the most chosen names for girls and boys, respectively. These names are followed closely by 'Emma' and 'Noah', while the love for royal names seems consistent with 'Charlotte' and 'Henry' securing the fourth and third spots, and it's fair to say Boston babies are coming into the world titled if not actually entitled.

The list extends beyond just a top ten, offering a full twenty name gambit for Boston's little ones. For girls, 'Sofia' and 'Amelia' rank highly, while 'Theodore' and 'James' hold up the rear for the boys. And if anyone is looking for a trend here, don't, because while 'Leo', 'Jack', and 'Julian' make an appearance, so do 'Maeve' and 'Eleanor' on the flip side which might show a mix of international influence and old-school reverence—or parents collectively throwing darts at a "1001 Baby Names" book.

But it's not just about cataloging the cuties. The city toasted to more than 5,000 marriages last year, and the Registry Division was kept busy cranking out upwards of 100,000 birth, death, and marriage certificates, proving that whether in love or life's other big events, Boston's bureaucracy can keep up well, mostly with its citizenry's milestones. The city also allows for snappier record requests, offering online, mail-in, or in-person options, a move that, while smart, also hints at a level of efficiency not typically associated with government agencies.

So, if you're out in Boston and hear someone shouting for 'Olivia' or 'Liam' at the local park, don't expect only one head to turn. Courtesy of the city's latest data drop, we know these little namesakes are probably running rampant.