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Published on January 06, 2024
South Florida Mother Celebrates Own Birthday by Giving Birth, Welcomes Baby on Same Day as Older DaughterSource: Unsplash/ Aditya Romansa

Marianna De La Cruz, 33, welcomed her baby boy, Eden, into the world on Jan. 4, the same day she celebrates her birthday. De La Cruz's new baby shares this birthday with his older sister, Jaylin, who was also born on Jan. 4, eight years prior. "I share my birthday with two of my children," De La Cruz told NBC6.

Eden made his debut at 10:39 a.m., despite having an induction scheduled for the following week. "He was born yesterday, Jan. 4th, at 10:39 in the morning," the jubilant mother said to NBC6

The chances of giving birth on your birthday with one child are slim, but having a second child born on the same day is entering the realm of the extraordinary. According to Dr. Lata Santa Ines of HCA Florida Northwest Hospital, “The odds of having one baby on the same day as your birthday is one in 365, but to have two babies, that is one in 133,225 — so, so rare,” as reported by NBC6.

Older sister Jaylin is currently on a trip and still in the dark about her new "birthday twinsie." Planning to reveal the news when she gets back, De La Cruz is excited to see her daughter's face.“I’m waiting to give her the surprise tomorrow when she gets here,” she told Local 10 News.

De La Cruz is committed to making sure each of their birthdays remains unique and celebrated. "She loves it, but I try to make it the best for her," De La Cruz said to Local 10 News