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Published on January 26, 2024
Workforce Solutions Boards in Rural and Capital Areas of Texas Awarded $175K for Supporting At-Risk ParentsSource: Google Street View

The Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) is doling out praise and funds to local workforce development boards that have nailed the job of supporting at-risk parents. TWC awarded a hefty sum of $175,000 to Workforce Solutions Rural Capital Area (WSRCA) and Workforce Solutions Capital Area (WSCA) as part of their Child Care Employment Connections Awards. Recognized for a job well done, these boards have been instrumental in hooking up parents with the employment they desperately need, according to details shared by the agency.

"Connecting parents to sufficient employment is more than just a job; it’s a pathway to stability and prosperity for families," said Paul Fletcher, WSRCA Chief Executive Officer, in a statement obtained by the Texas Workforce Commission. Deserving a special shout-out is WSRCA for pushing the envelope and not just changing individual lives, but also serving as architects of economically empowered communities.

Not one to be left behind, WSCA is also taking home accolades. "We're honored to be recognized for this critical support to help Austin-Travis County parents," expressed Tamara Atkinson, Chief Executive Officer at WSCA. She emphasized the impact of these efforts by stating that thanks to the program, parents are seeing an annual wage boost topping $6,300.

In a clear win for Texas parents, TWC's Child Care Services program offers a lifeline by providing up to three months of child care aid while they seek employment. Those landing a job can breathe a sigh of relief and enjoy up to a year's worth of childcare benefits, getting a leg up in maintaining their employment and ramping up their earnings potential. Parents who received childcare assistance through the program have been able to get back to work without the constant worry of childcare hanging over their heads.

With 28 Boards and over 170 local offices, Texas is buzzing with efforts to get people working and establish Texas as a powerhouse of skilled labor. These local offices serve as employment matchmakers, also assisting employers in finding and keeping the talent they need. The awards will be plowed back into improving childcare services, giving children and parents in the region something to look forward to. For more information on the resources available to Texan families, those interested can go to the Child Care & Early Learning Program at the Texas Workforce Commission website.