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Published on February 25, 2024
Beverly's Health Food Favorite ToppSalad Shuts Down Amidst Competitive Culinary SceneSource: ToppSalad website

The health food scene in Beverly has taken a hit as the beloved ToppSalad lays down its knives and closes its doors for good. Known for its customizable salad bowls, rice bowls, and wraps, ToppSalad announced its closure to its devoted customer base with a touch of gratitude. "To our wonderful customers: We regret to inform you that ToppSalad's last day will be this Friday, February 23d [from 11-3]. We wish the best of luck to everyone we've had the pleasure to serve! Thank you so much for your patronage over the time we've been in Beverly," the eatery expressed in a Facebook post reported by Boston Restaurants Blog.

ToppSalad, which began its journey into the fresh food frenzy back in 2015, had moved into the heart of downtown Beverly just a few years ago, in an attempt to slice into the city's bustling culinary scene. However, despite their commitment to helping patrons create their "perfect" meals, as described on the establishment's now-defunct website, ToppSalad has dished out its last serving. "ToppSalad Family is committed to helping you create your perfect Salad Bowl, Rice Bowl, or Wrap!" they proudly stated on their website.

The location at 211 Rantoul Street, once a beacon for those seeking a leafy reprieve from the standard fast-casual fare, will serve no more of its fresh, healthy eats – an undoubtedly sad turn for health-conscious locals. As the news of the closing spread, patrons were left to reflect on the ToppSalad's legacy of fresh ingredients and customizable options that had shaped its identity in the North Shore community.