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Published on February 29, 2024
Mesa Shares Five Practical Strategies to Cultivate Reading Habits in the Digital EraSource: Unsplash/Tom Hermans

For all the would-be bookworms out there, carving out a place for reading in daily life doesn't have to feel like navigating a labyrinth. Simple, practical strategies can transform the daunting into the doable, and propel you into the pages of a book without the dread of an unfinished chapter looming over you. The city of Mesa has thrown its two cents into the discussion, spotlighting five fundamental methods to foster reading habits in the digital age.

Starting small is key, they say. Engage with text that won't overwhelm, with materials like "magazines, short stories or graphic novels" recommended for the initial foray into reading, according to the

Goal-setting, a staple in any pursuit of self-improvement, has also found its place among the bookshelves. Mesa advises "reading for 10 minutes a day or finishing one book per month"; these tangible targets can effectively push newcomers past the intimidation of page count and chapter length. There's even a nod towards tech, with apps like Goodreads and Booksloth mentioned as tools to track one's literary journey.

Creating a reading nook, a haven from the bleeps and bloops of constant notifications is another piece of counsel. Ensuring comfort and tranquility is crucial to keeping those eyes on the page. Establishing a consistent reading time can help cement this routine, keeping those bookmarks steadily moving from front cover to back.

And for those who fancy a more communal approach, Mesa points out the joys of sharing a good book. Teaming up with a "reading buddy" or hitting up a book club can spin reading into a social experience, bringing with it a bevy of benefits: motivation, accountability, and a hearty dose of banter about narrative twists and character arcs. With the city hosting its book clubs, run by library staff and volunteers, there's plenty of room to dive into discussion, as per the

So, it seems, that whether you're looking to tackle Tolstoy or breeze through a bestseller, there's no shortage of ways to build up to that bookish lifestyle. With a nod to the practical and a sprint away from the esoteric, these five strategies lay a solid foundation; a blueprint for constructing a habit that withstands the test of time—and the lure of the latest Netflix binge.