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Published on February 23, 2024
Popular Boba Tea Chains 'Fat Bee Cafe' and 'The Alley' Expand with New Locations in Austin AreaSource: Fatbee Cafe Austin

Bubble tea enthusiasts in the greater Austin area are in for a treat as two popular chains expand their reach with new locations. Fat Bee Cafe, a Vietnamese boba tea cafe chain, has already opened its doors in Round Rock on February 16, signaling its first venture into Texas territory.

Located at 1312 Round Rock Avenue, Fat Bee Cafe is dishing out a refreshing medley of boba, fruit, milk, and slushie teas, alongside a variety of coffee drinks such as cold brews and espresso beverages, according to information from Austin Eater. Patrons with a sweet tooth can also indulge in truffles, a hybrid pastry that blends the flaky layers of a croissant with the crispy indentations of a waffle, topped with delectable options like cinnamon sugar or Oreo crumble.

The Alley is slated to open a location in Cedar Park, at 1468 East Whitestone Boulevard, Suite 400 earlier this year, bringing its signature "deerioca" drinks to Austin's burgeoning bubble tea scene. The Alley's offerings include a vast range of boba tea flavors, fresh fruit drinks, "snow velvet" tea blends with cheese foam, milk teas, luscious yogurt drinks, and a legion of desserts such as croffles, both sweet and savory, as per Austin Eater.

The tea scene expansion reflects a growing trend as consumers continue to flock to these trendy establishments for their fix of flavor-packed, Instagram-worthy beverages. Fat Bee Cafe has seen a significant spread since its start in Overland Park, Kansas in 2017, branching out to Kansas, Missouri, Ohio, Washington State, and now Texas while The Alley, born in 2013 in Taiwan under the guidance of founder Chiu Mao Ting, boasts international locations, including spots in Asia, Europe, Australia, Canada, and America, with Texas locations in Katy, Plano, and Garland, an impressive growth trajectory for both companies.

Meanwhile, the recent Round Rock addition of Fat Bee Cafe offers a more artisanal touch with its waffle-based desserts and a curated selection of hot and cold brewed coffees and teas, affirming the business's origins as a small shop in Kansas City, Kansas that has since expanded through franchising Community Impact reported. With its grand opening on February 10, the Fat Bee brand hopes to buzz with success as it introduces its unique palate to the Texas market.