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Published on February 21, 2024
San Francisco Police Nab Retail Crime Suspect Attempting Hawaii GetawaySource: Google Street View

San Francisco Police Department's net cast far and wide, apprehending an organized retail crime suspect who attempted to slip away to Hawaii. The SFPD announced the capture of Denayaha Duree, previously nabbed by law enforcement for similar crimes, linked now to a recent heist involving two females swiping goods from a store in a mall on 20th Avenue, as per SFPD's press release.

Investigators recognized Duree from earlier cases and, with the help of the US Marshalls Fugitive Recovery Task Force, were able swiftly to find her after she hopped a flight on February 14, 2024, from the Bay Area to Honolulu. The arrest came into effect as she disembarked, ready to potentially continue her alleged spree in paradise. "The long arm of the law extended to the beautiful islands of Hawaii this week," SFPD Chief Bill Scott stated in a moment of candor praising the coordinated bust.

Duree's trip to the Aloha State was cut short due to multiple outstanding warrants, her Hawaiian holiday ending behind bars. Her troubles extend beyond the recent theft as she's wanted in connection to two organized retail crime thefts from May 2023 at luxury brand stores in downtown San Francisco.

While Duree waits to be extradited back to face charges, the investigation remains a living, breathing entity. The SFPD urges anyone with additional information to come forward, offering anonymity for tipsters. One can only hope, to prevent future flights of criminal fancy, that justice will be both swift and fair.