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Published on February 15, 2024
San Jose's Regional Medical Center to Shut Down Trauma and STEMI Programs by August 2024Source: Google Street View

In a move that will reshape emergency medical services in San Jose, the Regional Medical Center has announced the imminent closure of its Trauma and ST-elevation myocardial infarction (STEMI) programs. The services, integral parts of the hospital's offerings, will cease operations come August 12.

The decision comes after a sustained decrease in patient utilization, signaling a shift in the healthcare landscape of the area. "Close its Trauma Center services" and "Close its ST-elevation myocardial infarction (STEMI) program" are on the list of impending changes, as detailed in a recent announcement obtained by the hospital's newsroom. The assertion is that these program shutdowns will allow the Regional Medical Center to realign its services with the "evolving healthcare needs" of its patients.

While these closures will undoubtedly impact the community, Regional Medical Center has assured current patients that they will facilitate a seamless transition to other facilities capable of providing necessary care. The hospital is coordinating with Bay Area partners to ensure patients have continued access to trauma and STEMI services. In statements released by the hospital, they have confirmed that their emergency department will remain operational for general emergency care.

Regional Medical Center has acknowledged that these closures will affect a subset of its workforce. According to the release, the institution is committed to working with each individual impacted to explore the next steps in their careers, using their "skills, training, and experience." The hospital has recognized nearby hospitals such as Santa Clara Valley Medical Center, Stanford Healthcare, and Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital as the go-to centers for trauma care and facilities such as Good Samaritan Hospital, El Camino Hospital, and O'Connor Hospital for STEMI care.

For those within the San Jose community seeking more information or wishing to voice their concerns, contact details for Regional Medical Center and the HCA Far West Division have been published alongside the announcement. Comments can be directed to CEO Cris Rivera or Sunnye Owens-Garrett, Div VP Marketing of HCA Far West Division, through the contact information provided by the hospital's newsroom.

Regional Medical Center serves as a significant healthcare fixture in San Jose, and the closures mark a considerable change in the provision of specialized medical services for the region. The exact impact of these closures on the community's well-being remains to be seen in the months leading up to and following the transition period.