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Published on February 11, 2024
San Rafael Police Arrest Trio for Felony Charges, Uncover Guns and Drugs at Marina Parking LotSource: San Rafael Police Department

Last night in San Rafael, a bout of late-night revelries quickly turned into a law enforcement crackdown when local police detained three individuals at the Loch Lomond Marina parking lot. The individuals were reportedly engaged in activities including drinking and blaring music that breached the tranquility of the night, a disturbance that prompted calls to authorities.

The San Rafael Police Department swiftly responded to the scene, where they encountered the trio in their pickup. Upon arrival, they immediately recognized the driver and one passenger. The passenger, known to be on felony probation, was bound by search and gang terms—conditions that were soon to reveal their pertinence. A rear-seat passenger attempted to deceive the officers with a false name, only to be found out.

All subjects were temporarily restrained due to various apparent infractions. A subsequent search of the vehicle unearthed a terrifying cache: a loaded and unregistered 9mm pistol. Yet, the officers did not stop there; their continued probing disclosed a second loaded and unregistered 9mm pistol equipped with a high-capacity magazine and an extra 20 rounds of ammunition. Furthermore, two other magazines were retrieved.

The search took a further turn when officers uncovered under the back seat a large bag of marijuana accompanied by two digital scales—an indication of intentions far removed from personal consumption. According to an X post from the San Rafael Police Department, all three individuals were escorted to the Marin County Jail. There, they were booked on a range of felony criminal charges.