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Published on February 01, 2024
Scottsdale’s WM Phoenix Open Drives Sustainability and Swings $400M into Local EconomySource: WM Phoenix Open

Scottsdale is preparing to play host to the WM Phoenix Open, an event that’s big on the green in more ways than one. The famed golf tournament is not just aiming to lure spectators with the promise of an ace sports event but is also hitting a hole-in-one on the sustainability front. As thousands gather, officials ensure the tournament stays a marketing draw while championing environmental responsibility, emphasizing that the contest is a carbon-neutral, zero-waste affair complete with a balanced water footprint, ABC15 reported.

Despite a roster showcasing fewer premier players this year, and its drop from the PGA’s list of signature events, the WM Phoenix Open is expected to continue to firmly chip away at least $400 million into the local economy. Sporting a diverse international gallery, golf aficionados from regions as varied as Australia and Latin America are teeing up to witness the event. “We took 84 people to the Phoenix Open and Super Bowl,” Michael Mosher of Teed Up Golf told FOX 10 Phoenix, revealing the cross-continental appeal of the event.

These globetrotting groups don't just stop to watch—they play. Many visitors eagerly plan to hit the links themselves at Phoenix’s selection of top-notch courses, effectively circulating more cash through Arizona's veins. “He came out that day and sat in the grandstands, booing at all of our players like the tournament. It was hilarious,” recounted Mosher, depicting how visiting fans aim to reenact the pro tournament vibe during their rounds.

Money isn't just being sunk into green fees. Adrian Beunder of Absolut Sport noted that his clients splurge on hotels, city tours, and likely enough pub crawls to give putt-putt golf a whole new meaning. The inflow of cash from these high-spirited visitors is observed to significantly spike during the WM Phoenix Open, with Arizona State University's W.P. Carey School of Business affirming this annual $400 million boon, as per FOX 10 Phoenix.

Locals can brace themselves for the upcoming economic surge as international tour groups have already started to surely swing into town. They are here to play, pay, and raise the stakes, not just for the esteemed WM Phoenix Open but also for the community that hosts this grand event every year.