Vallejo Police Thwart Lego Bandits Following High-Speed Chase and Daring Escape Attempt

Vallejo Police Thwart Lego Bandits Following High-Speed Chase and Daring Escape AttemptSource: Vallejo Police Department
Leticia Ruiz
Published on February 12, 2024

A seemingly ordinary burglary in Vallejo, California, quickly turned into a chaotic high-speed chase when a duo attempted to make off with a trove of Lego sets, according to the Vallejo Police Department. The incident, which unfolded on February 9, kicked off with a call to officers reporting a theft at a business on Admiral Callaghan Lane, where a man had made away with roughly $900 worth of the popular children's building blocks.

As detailed by the Vallejo Police Department on Facebook, the store employees were quick to give a thorough description of the suspect and the getaway car, a Hyundai Sonata with a stolen plate which was soon spotted by police on Redwood Street, but when the officers attempted a traffic stop the driver barrelled on leading them on an 11-mile chase through city streets and two occupants made their risky attempts at escape. In a dangerous bid for freedom, a male passenger leaped from the speeding car, sustaining significant injuries, while the persistent driver eventually crashed into a retaining wall on Mississippi Street.

The driver, who was not shy in adding to his rap sheet featuring outstanding felony warrants for grand theft and a traffic violation, found his flight cut short by masonry. He was apprehended, taken in for a medical once-over, and then handed over to local authorities, as per police records.

Meanwhile, officers were canvassing the neighborhood where the passenger took his ill-fated plunge and, thanks to a tip-off from an observant local, discovered the injured accomplice hiding in a trashcan. After the officers Mirandized the suspect, he confessed to his crimes: his venture into the illegal Lego market was a means to an end, a desperate attempt to provide for himself which now left him recuperating in a hospital bed, his plans foiled and his parole for vehicle theft the least of his worries.

The Vallejo Police Department's post on the incident applauded the teamwork between their "hardworking graveyard patrol team" and the Vallejo community, calling it "community policing at its finest."