Vallejo Vandalism Arrest Leads to Unexpected Discovery of Firearms and Ammo

Vallejo Vandalism Arrest Leads to Unexpected Discovery of Firearms and AmmoSource: Vallejo Police Department
Leticia Ruiz
Published on February 09, 2024

An incident of vandalism in Vallejo took an unexpected turn when the suspect inadvertently revealed more than just bad blood between neighbors. On February 1, the Vallejo Police Department was summoned to the 1900 block of Ascot Parkway, where they encountered a victim pointing fingers at her neighbor for damaging her vehicle. After being presented with evidence and the suspect's identity, police waited and did not have to look long. Crawling back to the scene of the crime, the suspect arrived only to be detained by officers who were still processing the victim's complaint.

The suspect was read his Miranda rights and confessed to the vandalism without any cajoling. Upon learning his inevitable fate of arrest, he asked an officer to move his truck, which was carelessly parked, disrupting the daily commute of other residents. The obliging officer, upon entering the vehicle, stumbled upon a cache of loaded firearm magazines in plain sight and an unsecured, unserialized firearm lying in the pickup truck’s bed. The Vallejo Police Department confirmed that the weapon and the magazines were secured and booked into evidence.

The neighbor, now suspect, was arrested not only for felony vandalism but also for firearm violations. He was subsequently escorted to county jail. Although free from illicit materials, the truck was parked legally, secured, and left at the scene as per the suspect's last request before his escort in bracelets.

In a statement released by the Vallejo Police, the neighborhood was left shaking its head as roadside vandalism spiraled into a firearms find. "Upon arrival, the officers contacted the victim," recounted the official Vallejo Police Department post.