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Published on March 04, 2024
VIDEO: CHP Helicopter Aids in Capture of Sideshow Suspect After Vallejo to Richmond ChaseSource: CHP - Golden Gate Division Air Operations

In a late-night bust, California Highway Patrol's H-30 air unit played a pivotal role in shutting down a side spectacle in Vallejo, corralling a fleet-footed suspect and putting the brakes on a potentially dangerous situation.

The CHP helicopter tracked the involved vehicle, leading officers on the ground directly to the heat of the action; however, as police zeroed in the driver decided he wasn't going down without a run for it, Vallejo cops watch a game of cat and mouse unfold as the suspect zipped off, weaving his way towards Richmond, according to CHP - Golden Gate Division Air Operations.

Once in Richmond, the unidentified sideshow aficionado thought he'd played his cards right, swapping cars in a scene straight out of a heist film, but the eye in the sky had not lost sight of him. The Richmond Police, guided by the vigilant H-30, cornered the suspect's new ride, swiftly curbing his fleeting moment of freedom—regulation style.

The suspect's attempt at a great escape came to a screeching halt when law enforcement swooped in for the catch. Richmond Police officers conducted a strategic enforcement stop, confining his escapades to a jail cell, detailing the takedown. The CHP's airborne enforcers described how the road show turned cat-and-mouse chase ended with the side show suspect in custody, their comprehensive account of events broadcast for public inspection, evidence of the lingering game of whack-a-mole between sideshow enthusiasts and the long arm of the law.

An investigation is currently underway by the Vallejo Police to peel back the layers of last night's events and to shed light on the full extent of the lawlessness exhibited.