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Published on March 02, 2024
Man Killed in Pedestrian Accident on US-101 in Santa RosaSource: Google Street View

Yesterday morning, calamity struck US-101 in Santa Rosa when a vehicle collided with a male pedestrian, leading to his untimely death. The incident, which occurred at 2:28am north of Airport Boulevard, prompted a swift response from local authorities. According to a statement from the California Highway Patrol, the pedestrian, whose identity has yet to be disclosed pending notifications, succumbed to injuries at the scene.

The sequence of events unfolded when the man attempted to cross the highway and was struck by a northbound Toyota Camry. As detailed in a Facebook post by the Santa Rosa CHP, the victim entered the traffic lanes from the right side, heading towards the center median. Despite the tragic outcome, the driver of the Toyota was found not to be under the influence suffering minor injuries and was subsequently taken to the hospital.

Consequentially, the normally bustling US-101 was shut down to give room for the law enforcement's investigation and was later reopened at around 4:30am, a disruption that early morning travelers might have encountered. The Santa Rosa CHP has urged any witnesses or individuals with knowledge of the incident to come forward, offering their office contact number, (707)588-1400, as a direct line for sharing information that might shed further light on the tragic episode.

Respecting the sensitivity surrounding the victim's demise, officials have directed all inquiries concerning the deceased to the Sonoma County Sheriff Coroner's office for those seeking closure or further details amidst the aftermath of the accident.