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Published on March 13, 2024
Philadelphia Scores Spot in $200M Bloomberg American Sustainable Cities Program for Green Urban DevelopmentSource: Facebook/City of Philadelphia Government

Philly just scored a major win in the sustainability stakes. Mayor Cherelle L. Parker announced the city's selection as one of 25 to join the Bloomberg American Sustainable Cities initiative. This inclusion means Philly is set for a boost from a $200 million Bloomberg Philanthropies program, aimed at fostering low-carbon and resilient urban areas, according to the City of Philadephia.

As part of the initiative, Philadelphia will lay its hands on a specialized innovation team funded by Bloomberg Philanthropies. This group, armed with expertise spanning data analysis to human-centered design, is poised to reinforce the city's climate mitigation efforts. Mayor Parker is "thrilled" and believes this will further a "cleaner, greener Philadelphia, with economic opportunity for all."

Bloomberg's green cash isn't just for aesthetic city improvements. It's about building cities that can bounce back from disasters while trimming their carbon waistlines. Customized policy and technical support, alongside close work with community-based organizations, will drive public and private investments to action. Elizabeth Lankenau, Interim Director of the Philadelphia Office of Sustainability, said the support will help "meaningfully include Philadelphia’s most impacted communities in building a lower-carbon world that drives shared prosperity," as per the City of Philadelphia.

This isn't just talk; anticipated projects include creating affordable, energy-efficient housing and expanding access to clean energy for communities that have borne the brunt of pollution. Philly's commitment to climate resilience and economic development amid rising floods and heatwaves likely caught Bloomberg's eye. The city's ongoing Clean and Green Initiative aligns perfectly with Bloomberg's support, aiming for a simultaneous reduction in carbon and inequality. The Mayor's Administration's focus is on improving the quality for all residents through its 100-Day Action Plan, as confirmed by the City of Philadelphia.

About Bloomberg Philanthropies – it's not small-time giving. They're behind initiatives in 700 cities across 150 countries, with a focus on the environment, among other sectors. In 2023, they distributed a cool $3 billion to causes that create lasting changes in their target domains. So with Bloomberg's backing, Philly's sustainable city makeover isn't just a possibility – it's on the horizon.