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Published on May 20, 2024
Project Blue Light Shines in Memory of Fallen OfficersSource: Facebook / Blaine Police Department

In a display of remembrance and unity, Americans across the nation are illuminating their homes and social media profiles with the color blue for Project Blue Light, a heartfelt tribute to fallen police officers. The initiative, started by a grieving family member back in 1988, has evolved into a widespread movement, honoring those who have sacrificed their lives while serving their communities.

The inspiration for Project Blue Light came from Mrs. Dolly Craig, who decided to place two blue candles in her living room window. One was in memory of her son-in-law, Officer Daniel Gleason of the Philadelphia Police Department, killed in the line of duty on June 5, 1986, and the other for her daughter Pam, Daniel's wife, tragically passing away in a car accident two years later. Through her personal loss, Craig sparked a legacy that continues to shine bright.

Organized by C.O.P.S. (Concerns of Police Survivors), the project has gained momentum, and nearly 15,000 families of fallen law enforcement officers find solace in the solidarity expressed by strangers nationwide. As night falls, citizens are turning on blue porch lights, decorating windows with blue ribbons, and sharing images of blue candles on social media platforms to pay homage to the officers who have passed while on duty.

Recently, a Facebook post by the Blaine Police Department in Minnesota encouraged their community to support the initiative. "Feel free to share our post or use our photo to light up Facebook with the blue candle for all of our fallen officers," the department stated, echoing the reverence that Project Blue Light aims to perpetuate.

As blue lights continue to flicker across American homes, they serve as a poignant reminder of the courage and commitment displayed by police officers day in and day out. Project Blue Light stands as a beacon of respect for those who gave the ultimate sacrifice and a symbol of support for the families they left behind.