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Published on May 20, 2024
Houston Storm Claims Eighth Life as Man Dies of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Amid Severe Weather Recovery EffortsSource: Unsplash/ Erik Mclean

The death toll in Houston has climbed to eight after a man succumbed to carbon monoxide poisoning following severe weather that has pummeled the area. Reportedly discovered by the Houston Fire Department in his Spring Branch residence, the victim—a man in his 60s—died as a result of a generator he was using, said Chief Samuel Peña in a statement obtained by the Houston Chronicle.

Houston has been grappling with the aftermath of a sudden storm that struck Thursday. Among the fatalities, two individuals were killed by falling trees, and another died when a crane toppled onto a cement truck. Christopher Hassig, the commander of the Houston Police Department's homicide division, confirmed these incidents, including a fourth death with an undetermined cause, to the Houston Chronicle. The Sheriff's office also detailed three additional fatalities that may be connected to last week's tempestuous conditions.

Communities across Houston continue to sort through the destruction left in the wake of these storms, assessing the human toll and clearing the damage. Generator use has become a common, yet risky, practice in the event of power loss during such natural disasters. 

Local authorities are working to assist those affected and mitigate further incidents as recovery efforts proceed. Officials urge residents to exercise extreme caution when operating generators and advise adherence to safety guidelines in order to prevent similar tragedies. Chief Peña extended condolences for the loss of life and emphasized the importance of community vigilance in times of crisis, according to the Houston Chronicle.