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Published on May 20, 2024
DC Police Officer Seriously Injured After Shooting Inside Northwest Precinct, Suspects Detained in MarylandSource: Google Street View

A Metropolitan Police Department officer in Northwest Washington, DC, was left seriously injured after being shot inside the 4D police precinct, as per NBC Washington. The incident occurred at the station located at 6001 Georgia Avenue, NW in the Brightwood/Petworth neighborhood. Reports reveal that an assailant entered the precinct shortly before noon on Monday and fired at the officer, who was then transported to the hospital in a police vehicle.

Authorities confirmed the location of the shooting to be just a few blocks from the police station, around 7th Street and Oneida Place, NW. This disclosure came after FOX 5 was told by police that the officer had been shot near the 4D station, a statement that, while it suggested proximity to the incident, did not detail the intrusion within the sanctum of law enforcement itself that invited peril onto one of its own.

In response to the shooting, police activity has ramped up in the area, with specific operations extending into Prince George's County, Maryland, where two individuals related to the incident have been detained. WTOP reported closures on Landover Road between Pinebrook and Fire House roads due to the ongoing investigation. The swift containment efforts mirror the gravity of the offense; the boundaries that demarcate sanctuary and vulnerability seem breached as the reverberations of the shooting are felt well beyond DC's borders.

While the department prepares to disclose more information on any arrests or suspects, the community awaits, heavy with the knell that rang through the walls of the Fourth District station, a herald of violence all too common, yet ever jarring. The police have not yet released the identity of the injured officer or the status of their condition.