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Published on March 29, 2024
Santa Rosa Woman Charged in Alleged $19K Theft from Elderly Victims to Fund Lavish PurchasesSource: Google Street View

Police have cuffed a Santa Rosa woman for an alleged spree of high-end purchases charged to the credit cards of vulnerable elderly victims, authorities said. Imelda Ruby Reyes-Medina, 32, stands accused of exploiting at least two seniors to fund her lavish lifestyle, racking up more than $19,000 in unauthorized charges, according to a press release from the Santa Rosa Police Department made available on their official website.

The trail leading to Reyes-Medina began when a representative for an 82-year-old man in a residential care home noticed suspicious transactions on his bank account, triggering an investigation by the Santa Rosa Police Department's Property Crimes Investigations Team early this year. Reyes-Medina, who was free on bail for similar offenses at the time of her latest arrest, was snagged by detectives after they turned up a trove of items they say she purchased with the victim's credit cards, including electronics and jewelry.

The initial bust occurred on March 28 when detectives carried out search warrants at two residences linked to Reyes-Medina, finding a cache of goods and arresting her at the 2700 block of Mohawk Street, the police report detailed. Browse through her ill-gotten gains, authorities listed baby accessories and furniture among the haul. Reyes-Medina, who worked at a separate care facility than where the first victim resided, was booked on multiple charges, including identity theft, theft by use of a credit card, grand theft by access cards, and financial elder abuse.

A search on March 24 uncovered more than just pricey items; detectives found personal identifying information and credit cards belonging to two other individuals who were not connected to Reyes-Medina but were residents of another local care facility, the police said. Reyes-Medina’s extensive involvement as a caretaker at the second facility, where those individuals resided, adds a sinister angle to the proceedings as she was already under scrutiny for past crimes of a similar nature, the investigation has yet to reveal how the suspect accessed the original victim's financial information.

With the investigation ongoing, additional charges may be forthcoming based on the outcomes, Sgt. Patricia Seffens, Public Information Officer, indicated, leaves open the door for yet more disturbing revelations in this case. For more updates and information about the case, contact Sgt. Seffens at 707-543-3634 or via email at [email protected].