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Published on April 16, 2024
14-Year-Old Wounded, Three Detained Following Frayser Gas Station Shootout

A violent exchange of gunfire at a Frayser gas station left a 14-year-old injured and prompted the detention of two other young individuals and an adult, Memphis authorities reported on Tuesday. The incident, which rattled the local community, unfolded at the intersection of James Road and Range Line Road before the break of dawn, just as Memphis Police officers patrolling the area detected several gunshots.

Upon their arrival, law enforcement found themselves at the scene of a shootout involving a blue Nissan Altima and a Chevy Malibu, according to Action News 5. A chase ensued after officers witnessed the gunfire, resulting in the apprehension of a 15-year-old and a 21-year-old, while the chaotic scene also led to the capture of another individual on Hollywood Street, not far from the initial confrontation, stated FOX13 Memphis.

The young victim, reportedly driving the Nissan, suffered a graze wound to the back of the head and was rushed to Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital in critical condition, though his status would later improve to non-critical, as WREG noted. Surveillance footage at the gas station revealed the Nissan Altima's occupants entering the premises shortly before shots broke out between them and the occupants of the Chevy Malibu who had exited their vehicle, police elaborated.

In the wake of the shooting, community members expressed their dismay and concerns about the state of violence in their community; Frayser resident Victor Upchurch, "I am from Chicago and I have seen more killings here than I have seen in Chicago," he lamented in an interview with WREG, his sentiment echoes a greater collective unease that has gripped neighbors who find themselves routinely confronted with such brutal acts that disrupt the promise of peace and normality in their everyday lives. Another local, Alexander Montero, questioned the circumstances leading to the young boy's late-night presence on the streets, wondered aloud "What is he doing out at twelve o'clock at night? And now the parents are boohooing, right," revealing a deeper inquiry into the family dynamics at play and community's role in safeguarding its youth, echoed in the reporting by WREG.