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Published on April 17, 2024
Attorney General Kwame Raoul Targets Florida-Based Realty Firm for Alleged Deceptive 40-Year Contracts in Cook County SuitSource: Google Street View

In a bold move to shield consumers from deceptive business tactics, Attorney General Kwame Raoul has laid down the law against a Florida-based real estate brokerage, accusing them of luring homeowners into a 40-year trap. According to a suit filed by Raoul in the Cook County Circuit Court, MV Realty PBC, LLC, and its Illinois counterpart, along with its corporate managers, have been ensnaring financially strapped clients with misleading contracts.

Allegations suggest that the so-called innovative real estate practice is nothing more than a ploy to extort homeowners through hefty "early termination fees," an accusation supported by a recent announcement from the Attorney General's office. The lawsuit aims to bring an end to these contracts, reported to disguise the true cost of backing out early, which could set consumers back thousands of dollars. "MV Realty takes advantage of vulnerable consumers by trapping them in 40-year contracts with steep termination fees that make it nearly impossible to sell or refinance their homes," Raoul explained.

Furthermore, the company is accused of recording a “memorandum” against consumers' properties, significantly hindering their ability to sell or refinance for many years. Raoul’s aggressive stance seeks justice through the prohibition of the defendants from real estate dealings, license revocation, and restitution for those duped.

Raoul's fight extends beyond Illinois borders, connecting with a nationwide backlash as the defendants face legal action by state attorneys general across nine additional states. Assistant Attorneys General Alan Williams and Lilia De La Torre, with Consumer Counsel Thomas James, are spearheading the Illinois case. The embattled real estate company operates in 33 states, with Raoul intent on preventing further consumer fraud.

Illinois residents fearing they've fallen prey to this or similar schemes have recourse through complaints on the Attorney General’s website or a dedicated Consumer Fraud Hotline. The big picture is clear: deceptive business practices won't be tolerated and this lawsuit is a stern reminder to companies aiming to profit at the expense of homeowners’ rights and financial stability.

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