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Published on April 16, 2024
Bay Area Welcomes Warm Weather: Heat Wave Brings Midweek Temperature RiseSource: Unsplash / Phil Reid

The Bay Area's long-awaited spring heat wave is knocking on the door, with a sunnier, warmer Tuesday on tap following a sluggish start to the week. According to the National Weather Service San Francisco CA, a high-pressure system off the California coast is bringing in drier conditions paired with a moderate warming trend that's peaking midweek. Temperatures are expected to climb, reaching near 60 degrees at the coast and shooting up to the mid-70s in inland valleys.

Beachgoers should still pack a hoodie and windbreaker despite the rising mercury, as early season fog patterns can be unpredictable, warned the National Weather Service. Daytime highs on Wednesday could touch the mid-60s at the coast and may soar to near 80 degrees inland. Later in the week, onshore flow is likely to cool temperatures near the coast as marine stratus rolls back in, though conditions are expected to stay dry.

For San Francisco, Tuesday brings a morning hint of fog that's set to clear out, making way for a toasty afternoon with highs from the low to mid-60s in most parts of the city, and upper 60s in areas like the Mission District. "Clear skies are expected to prevail by midmorning throughout the Bay Area," according to a report by the San Francisco Chronicle.

Across the North Bay, a partly cloudy morning will transform into a mostly sunny afternoon, with temperatures rising above the week's average. In East Bay cities like Oakland and Berkeley, residents can expect sunny afternoon skies with temperatures reaching up to near 70. Meanwhile, the Pacific Coast and Peninsula will shake off the morning cloud cover for a sublime afternoon, and South Bay cities like San Jose will bask in mid- to upper 70s warmth.

The warm spell isn't just a fleeting moment, as the National Weather Service predicts the ridge will rebuild by early next week, ushering in a slight warming trend. However, onshore winds will keep things cooler by the coast, ensuring that the climate stays amenable for residents and visitors alike. Whether you're hankering for the beach or thinking of vineyard visits, the coming days offer an ample dose of spring's finest offerings – warm sun and cool breezes.