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Published on April 17, 2024
Clark County Set to Improve Safety with New All-Way Stop at Northeast 72nd and 239th StreetsSource: Google Street View

Big changes are coming to a local intersection in an effort to pump the brakes on traffic accidents and improve road flow. Starting tomorrow, the crossroads of Northeast 72nd Avenue and Northeast 239th Street is being revamped into an all-way stop, the Clark County Public Works Department announced.

Currently, drivers cruising down Northeast 239th Street are greeted by the stark red stop signs as they approach Northeast 72nd Avenue, but drivers will soon have to halt both ways as new stop signs are about to hit Northeast 72nd Avenue, prompting a universal stop, providing everybody with the mutual understanding that patience can take you further than speed could ever hope to. According to county officials, this shift is expected to reduce the chances and consequences of crashes at this particular juncture which has seen its share of fender benders and rattled nerves.

Drivers should brace themselves for a few amendments that are slated to be up and running on Thursday, with stop signs set to flash their unmistakable beacon of red for Northeast 72nd Avenue approaches and a flurry of warning signs set to make an appearance. This includes white stop-bar striping and yellow no-passing zones underscoring the stoppage expectation and the importance of no go-zones respectively; it doesn't hurt to have extra reminders on the road when safety is on the line.

In addition to the static warnings, temporary measures are queueing up to grab the attention of the motoring public with high-visibility flags flanking these new signs for two months and signs flashing the status update on the traffic revision ahead, along with portable electronic messages that aim to keep the drivers in the loop without missing a beat, springing up along Northeast 72nd Avenue for a good fortnight. For those who might miss these cues, the local police force is gearing up to stand watch over this transition – keeping an eye out for the well-being of the neighborhood's road warriors.

While the intersection's transformation begins to take shape aiming for a more orderly flow of cars and a fortified sense of security among those behind the wheel, commuters are encouraged to approach the area with a heightened awareness and a readiness to adapt to the new four-way stop routine. The intersection's new chapter starts April 18, and drivers are reminded to stay alert and cautious as everyone gets accustomed to the change. More details about this traffic project can be found on Clark County Public Work's website.

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