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Published on April 22, 2024
Coon Rapids Police Explorers Triumph at Minnesota Law Enforcement Competition in RochesterSource: Facebook/Coon Rapids Police Department

The up-and-coming protectors of the Coon Rapids community have proven their dedication and skill at the Minnesota Law Enforcement Explorers state competition held in Rochester. The Police Explorers, a youth program designed to impart practical knowledge of law enforcement, have brought home a handful of awards after a series of competitive scenarios, as reported by the Coon Rapids Police Department.

According to the Coon Rapids Police Department, the group of youths ascended the ranks of the competition, securing second place in both burglary response and traffic stops. Alongside, they clinched third in crime prevention and fourth in an additional burglary response scenario—an impressive array of achievements for the dedicated team.

Touted by the police department, the Explorers' commitment to mastering the intricacies of law enforcement is not just about winning awards—it's an investment in a community seeking order amidst the chaos prone to life. "These young people work so hard all year to get to the state competition and their efforts showed this weekend," heralded the department's proud announcement.