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Published on April 12, 2024
Eight Governors Unite in Opposition to Biden's Medicaid Policy Changes, Citing $48 Billion Funding ThreatSource: Office of the Texas Governor

Eight governors have drawn a line in the sand against what they call President Biden's perilous healthcare policies. In a joint letter to the President, Texas Governor Greg Abbott, alongside his counterparts from Georgia, Idaho, Iowa, Louisiana, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Wyoming, has demanded a cessation of policy changes they believe will gut Medicaid, the safety net millions of Americans depend on for healthcare.

The governors' correspondence, as reported by the Office of the Texas Governor, expresses a deep concern over a finalized Informational Bulletin and a proposed rule by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS). "We urge you to reconsider and immediately disavow policies included in a final Informational Bulletin and a proposed rule issued by the CMS that would devastate the Medicaid safety net for elderly and disabled adults, pregnant women, and millions of children in our states and across the country," the letter specified.

At the core of their unease is a stark financial prediction: If implemented, these policy shifts from CMS could slash Medicaid funding by a whopping $48 billion annually. This potential cutback threatens 49 states that leverage provider taxes to shore up their Medicaid programs, suggests the bipartisan group of governors.

For them, the stakes couldn't be higher—the reduction in funds looms as a grim harbinger for healthcare systems serving the most susceptible members of society and could worsen care disparities. "Such reductions would harm critical healthcare systems serving our most vulnerable citizens, exacerbating disparities in care," read the governors' letter. They emphasize the importance of maintaining state flexibility in Medicaid financing, which they argue is crucial to ensuring continued access to high-quality healthcare for those in need.

Despite divergent political paths, these governors find unity in the cause of protecting Medicaid's integrity. Their plea to President Biden is a clear sign that when it comes to healthcare, the wellbeing of millions of Americans hangs precariously in the balance of federal policy decisions.