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Published on April 22, 2024
Face the Music: Convicted NH Killer Adam Montgomery Ordered to Attend SentencingSource: Unsplash/ Tingey Injury Law Firm

Adam Montgomery, the New Hampshire man found guilty in the harrowing murder of his 5-year-old daughter Harmony Montgomery, has been ordered by a judge to face the music at his upcoming sentencing. This ruling comes after Montgomery made a bid to dodge the courtroom proceedings slated for May 9, claiming innocence on several charges including second-degree murder, assault and witness tampering, as reported by CBS Boston.

Barring his attendance at the initial jury selection in February, the convicted killer had been absent from the bench for the duration of his trial. Harmony, whom police believe was murdered back in December 2019, was not reported missing until 2021—a heartbreaking span of nearly two years—and her body has yet to be recovered. Despite this, Montgomery's lawyer had requested his client be excused from the sentencing where the victim's next of kin are slated to address the court, a routine barred by state law unless waived, according to the CBS Boston report.

The judge's firm decision echoes a sentiment of accountability. Judge Amy Messer, in her ruling, emphasized that any reasons aside from Montgomery's claim of innocence, including no legal basis for his excusal, were not presented, essentially stating that his reluctance to appear is not sufficient cause for absence. "Were the Court to accept the defendant’s request, it would be tantamount to excusing the defendant’s appearance simply because he did not wish to attend," Messer’s ruling highlighted as per Boston 25 News.

Details uncovered during the investigation and trial painted a grim picture of the child's final days, including harrowing testimony that her body was stashed in various macabre hiding spots, ranging from a car trunk to a workplace freezer before Adam Montgomery ultimately disposed of it. The directive to ensure Montgomery's presence was clear-cut, as the "Office of the Hillsborough County Sheriff shall take all necessary steps to ensure the defendant’s timely appearance at his sentencing hearing" according to the judgment quoted by Boston 25 News.

Families who have lost their pieces to such incomprehensible tragedies weigh heavily on the scales of justice, looking for closure and a sense of retribution as they confront those responsible. It appears, for Harmony Montgomery's loved ones, that a measure of this process will involve Adam Montgomery, her convicted killer, being present to hear their grief, their memories, and their anger, in a court of law come May 9