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Published on April 16, 2024
Florida Fury, Man Charged in Dumbbell Assault on Woman and Her Dog in Palm Beach Home Invasion Source: Unsplash/ Matthew Ansley

A 30-year-old Florida man stands accused of a barbaric assault in which a woman and her dog were attacked with a dumbbell in her own apartment. Maximino Ever Jimenez Mancia has been hit with felony charges including attempted murder, burglary with assault or battery, and animal cruelty following the savage beatdown in Palm Beach County.

According to a report by WPTV and verified by law enforcement, Jimenez Mancia broke into the apartment on Friday morning. The victim, found and assisted by her boyfriend, sustained serious injuries: a bruised and swollen eye, fractured nose, along with multiple stitches and staples in her head. The boyfriend said he heard yelling while walking dogs and later found her bleeding profusely inside their residence.

The harrowing account detailed by the CBS12 included the victim's statement provided to deputies. She described her terror, saying she was getting ready for the day when Jimenez Mancia entered her apartment, struck her with the dumbbell, and continued the ruthless assault as she desperately tried to fend him off. During the assault, the victim's dog attempted to protect her, scratching at the assaulter, who then also turned the dumbbell on the animal, hitting it twice and causing it to flee in pain.

Details emerging from the report showed a crime marked by brutality and a disturbing lack of mercy. After the woman promised money for her life, Jimenez Mancia's purported reply, "sorry," was short-lived as he fled the scene. Following the vicious attack, the suspect treated at JFK South for a finger laceration. The victim was left to seek help with serious injuries which eventually led to her hospitalization.

Bond was denied for Jimenez Mancia during a Saturday morning court appearance. The case has sent ripples through the Palm Beach community, as residents struggle to make sense of the seemingly random act of violence that penetrated the safety of a woman's home and left both her and her loyal pet wounded.

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