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Published on April 16, 2024
Fountain Hills Honors Departing Arizona Coyotes with Spectacular Colored Fountain DisplaySource: Google Street View

In a spirited show of support for the Arizona Coyotes as they gear up for their final home game before moving to Salt Lake City, the town of Fountain Hills, Arizona is gearing up to honor the hockey team with a special display of its famous fountain. According to an announcement on the town’s official website, the fountain, one of the tallest in the world, will shoot up its powerful jets and bathe in the team colors during the 7 p.m., 8 p.m., and 9 p.m. water shows on the eve of the Coyotes' last hometown face-off.

The towering fountain, which can reach a staggering 560 feet, becomes even more remarkable as LED lights cast a colorful glow on the water, a spectacle that the town employs for noteworthy celebrations; this time it's casting it in the Coyote colors that are set to light the town's sky and spirit as they bid adieu to their beloved hockey team, town officials have decided that color display will show support and appreciation for the team, the town often uses the fountain as a symbol of unity and celebration for both residents and visitors alike, marking special events with this breathtaking water feature.

Locals and fans can enjoy the fountain's tribute to the sports team since it operates daily, ejecting sprays of water every hour on the hour for a 15-minute duration, starting from 9 a.m. and concluding after the 9 p.m. display. To ensure Coyotes fans and fountain enthusiasts from afar can join in the tribute, Fountain Hills provides a live webcam feed on their website, where spectators can remotely join in the salute to the hockey team.

As the Arizona Coyotes make the transition to their new home in Salt Lake City, Fountain Hills extends this gesture as more than just a simple send-off it’s a reflection of the ties between the community and the team they have supported through thick and thin; over the years the Coyotes have become an ingrained part of the Arizona sports fabric its departure marks an end of an era for the state's hockey fans, yet the fountain's violet and white hues will show that the Coyotes will never truly be forgotten in the hearts of Arizonans.

Full details of the light show and access to the live fountain feed can be found on the Town’s website at