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Published on April 17, 2024
Iconic San Francisco Hyatt Regency's Rotating Restaurant Reopens After 17 YearsSource: Yelp / Laurie T.

San Francisco's skyline is about to get a nostalgic spin, with the legendary former Equinox restaurant atop the Hyatt Regency hotel now back in action after a lengthy dormancy. Closed since 2007, the rotating bar that offers breathtaking 360-degree views is slated to welcome back guests following extensive renovations. According to a report by ABC7, engineer Dennis Alcaire spearheaded the daunting task of reanimating the stationary marvel, which once set the hotel apart as a pinnacle of San Francisco's hospitality and charm.

Suspended in time for 17 years, Alcaire and his team endeavored to reverse the alterations made during the restaurant's closure comprehensively. "It was pretty exciting," Alcaire told ABC7News, vividly recalling when the iconic platform returned to life. While the date for the public to experience what has been dubbed Club Revolve is still under wraps, the momentum is building with Hyatt Regency's directors and guests electrified by the prospects.

Previously serving as The Regency Club—a space that afforded hotel guests free breakfasts and happy hour perks—the rotating bar's revival promises to amplify the hotel's allure. The staff engineer, with an imminent retirement beckoning, ignited the refurbishment conversation, leading to this significant moment in the city's cultural fabric. According to SFist, in an interview with the hotel manager, Matt Humphreys, by Hospital Daily, he highlighted the profitable year for the Regency Club, setting the stage for this fresh investment.

The soft reopening, available exclusively to Hyatt hotel guests willing to shell out an additional $100 for the Regency Club access, marks a prelude to the grand celebration come May 1, the Hyatt Regency's 51st anniversary. "The buzz around the hotel today has been electrifying, truly," enthused Karla Pecorelli, the Hyatt Regency Director of Operations, speaking to the charged atmosphere and anticipation surrounding the event to ABC7News. Pecorelli underscored the public's longstanding desire to witness the renowned establishment resume its panoramic rotation.

As the undertaking reaches its finale, the spotlight shines on the impressive work of those like Dennis Alcaire. "This is really awesome. It really is," Alcaire told ABC7.