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Published on April 15, 2024
Last Call for Oregon Tax Filers as Midnight Deadline Approaches to Claim Rebates and File ReturnsSource: Unsplash/ Leon Dewiwje

Today marks the deadline to get those tax forms in order. The state's residents are up against the clock with a midnight cutoff to file their state and federal personal income tax returns for the 2023 tax year. The Oregon Department of Revenue (ODR) is doubling down on their efforts to remind the populace about available tools to streamline the process and to ensure no one misses out on claiming their refunds — including the much-discussed "kicker".

Amid the last-minute dash, the department reported that as of April 14, some 1.67 million returns have been processed, a significant chunk of the anticipated 2.2 million, as mentioned in a KATU News article. For those looking to quickly, but not so rashly, cross the finish line, the ODR suggests taking advantage of their digital resources before time runs out.

Not everyone may be ready to submit their returns, and for those taxpayers, there's still a lifeline. According to KTVZ, taxpayers have the option to file for an extension before the midnight deadline. This would at least provide additional time to get their finances and paperwork in order without facing the immediate stress of the ticking clock.

Alongside the standard returns processing, refunds have been rolling out with the ODR having issued close to 1.4 million of them. Cashing in on refunds, which for some might include the "kicker" rebate that is unique to Oregon's tax system, is a significant incentive for Oregonians to file timely. This bit of financial reprieve has been a talking point emphasized by the ODR and reported by KVAL, and it's clear that for many, these refunds could represent a crucial boost in challenging economic times.

For those still grappling with the process, remember it's better to be safe than sorry. It may feel like an eleventh-hour scramble, but completing and submitting those tax forms before the clock strikes twelve is crucial.