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Published on April 18, 2024
Mayor Karen Bass Advances Homelessness Solution, Over 40 South L.A. Residents Now "Inside Safe"Source: City of Los Angeles

In a direct effort to tackle the homelessness issue in South Los Angeles, Mayor Karen Bass, accompanied by city officials and service providers, launched an "Inside Safe" operation at the Vermont Vista encampment on South Vermont Avenue. The initiative has successfully transitioned more than 40 people experiencing homelessness from life on the streets to having a roof over their heads, complete with access to essential supportive services. These services were facilitated by a coalition including the Los Angeles Homeless Service Authority, the County of Los Angeles Department of Mental Health, and several community healthcare and service organizations.

Addressing the critical situation, Mayor Bass emphasized the collective action required to mitigate the homelessness crisis gripping the city. "This crisis affects us all, and all of us must be a part of the solution, in every neighborhood and across every level of government," Mayor Bass said, in a statement obtained by the Mayor's office. Council President Pro Tempore Marqueece Harris-Dawson echoed this sentiment, stressing the positive impact of housing access for the city's unhoused, including veterans.

The encampment, which had been a fixture for four years, saw several recreational vehicles (RVs) being processed as part of the operation. Images of the operation was made available by the Mayor's office. This latest effort is part of a citywide initiative that has seen a reduction in street encampments and an increased number of homeless individuals receiving assistance.

In her 2024 State of the City address, Mayor Bass lauded the progress, revealing that thousands more of the city's unhoused population came inside in 2023 compared to the previous year. Kicking off comprehensive efforts, tent encampments were dismantled across every council district. Mayor Bass has been an advocate for enhancing services for those transitioning from homelessness and is pushing for cost-effective solutions to sustain these urgent efforts, according to a recent speech.