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Published on April 16, 2024
Mestiza Makes a Comeback in SF's SoMa: Fusion Eatery Reopens with Plant-Based Filipino-Mexican FareGoogle Maps

The grand reopening of Mestiza, a Filipino-Mexican eatery that brings savory small plates, bowls, and wraps comes back to SOMA – nearly four years in the making. As reported by Eater San Francisco, the thriving restaurant scene in San Francisco's Filipino Cultural District has just welcomed back this fusion favorite, with a menu championing both convenience for Giants fans on-the-go and sit-down diners seeking an out-of-the-ordinary kamayan feast experience.



Originally closed in the pandemic's early chaos, Mestiza's resurrection is being helmed by owner Deanna Sison, who – according to a SF Standard interview – couldn't let go of the idea of Mestiza, her passion project, and a restaurant concept that was "super-personal" to her, and it's set to reopen at 214 Townsend St., just a stroll away from Oracle Park. The new location is near Sison's other establishments, staying within the same community that felt the loss of Mestiza keenly when it first closed down.

Mestiza's menu is an inventive blend of Filipino cuisine with a nod to healthier, plant-based options. Chef Syl Mislang, who brings expertise from her vegan pop-up the Roaming Spoon, is set to serve up dishes like sweet potato-filled lumpia with pineapple chile jam and a creative take on the traditional pork sisig using mushroom tempeh. The Eater San Francisco notes that while meat is still on the menu, plant-based dishes are taking center stage.

The spot promises a lush outdoor dining area decorated with a vibrant mural, an inviting space for the reservation-only kamayan dinners that start in May, where culinary artistry combines with a convivial shared dining experience – a rarity among local Filipino restaurants, adding another layer of uniqueness to Mestiza's already standout offerings. In an interview with SF Standard, Sison elaborated on the importance of offering food that is nutritious and appealing to her and her community, while Mislang finds freedom on the menu with items like oat milk soft serve and various nonalcoholic beverages like a pineapple-ginger shrub.

The reopening ties into the broader movement by SOMA Pilipinas to revitalize Central SoMa into a cultural hub for the Bay Area's Filipino community, a cause Sison is dedicated to as an economic advisor. From what's been seen with the upswing of Filipino businesses and events in the area, Mestiza's return is more than a lone restaurant's revival; it's a testament to the neighborhood's resilience and its commitment to culture, both culinary and beyond.