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Published on April 17, 2024
Miami Reclaims Latin Grammy Awards with Homecoming Celebration on Nov. 14, Replacing Spanish FlingSource: Wikipedia/Junta de AndalucĂ­a, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The sound of salsa, reggaeton, and bachata will once again pulse through the vibrant city of Miami as The Latin Grammys make their grand return. Ditching the old-world charm of Sevilla, the awards ceremony is set to ignite the stage at the Kaseya Center on Nov. 14, as reported by WSVN. Miami, the hub of Latin beats and trends, claims back its rightful spot as host of the 25th Latin Grammy spectacle, with nominations slated for release on Sept. 17.

While the decision last year to host the event in Spain marked an ambitious leap aimed at amplifying the show's global influence, it didn't resonate well with everyone. Detractors side-eyed the move, finding it a tad tone-deaf considering Spain's historical ties to Latin America. As U.S. News outlined, last year's overseas musical extravaganza emerged from a hefty 19 million-euro investment from the Andalusian government, synergizing Spain’s interests in boosting their musical tourism profile.

Manuel Abud, the CEO of the Latin Recording Academy, sees the oscillation between continents as a strategic play, stating, "International growth is consistent with our mission," during last year's Sevilla affair. The Academy boasts a diverse ensemble of members hailing from over 40 countries, all united in the celebration of Latin and Iberian tunes. The return to Miami, as per an announcement obtained by WSVN, rides on the heels of immense community support and reaffirms Miami’s status as the "epicenter of Latin entertainment."

The awards have never been shy about extending kudos to talents beyond the Latinx community, so long as the rhythms stay true to Spanish or Portuguese roots. 2022's showstopper Rosalía, a non-Latin Hispanic treasure, snagged album of the year for the second time around, a first for women in the award show's history. Highlighting such artists underscores the ceremony's inclusivity, although Shadow of the once-controversial move to Spain likely lingers in the backdrop of this homecoming.

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