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Published on April 12, 2024
Naperville Apple Store Heist Suspects Nabbed, Police Charge Trio in Daring Smash-and-GrabSource: Naperville Police Department

It was like a scene out of a heist movie, but for the residents of Naperville, the smash-and-grab burglary at the local Apple store was all too real. Naperville Police have finally nabbed three individuals linked to the audacious crime last fall, when a car was rammed into the tech giant's downtown location. The burglary, which took place on November 6, 2023, triggered a manhunt concluding with charges for Christie K. Lopez, David J. Fultz, and an unnamed male juvenile, according to a statement released by the Naperville Police Department.

Cops were called to the Apple store on West Jefferson Avenue in the wee hours of the morning to discover a beige Hyundai Elantra, associated with the crime, abandoned and idling after having shattered through the glass front. The car, reported as stolen, was a stark marker of the crime scene, punctuating the chaos of high-value electronics - totaling about $34,000 - that had been swiped clean. The fiasco left the store overflowing with damages exceeding $300,000.

The resulting investigation steered authorities to Lopez, 30, from Chicago, and Fultz, also 30, from Rockford, along with an accomplice from Maywood who was still a minor when the heist took place. "This was a very brazen and high-profile burglary, and we've had residents asking about arrests since the day it happened," said Police Chief Jason Arres in a statement. Charged with crimes of serious weight, each suspect faces Burglary, Theft, and Criminal Damage to Property - all Class 2 felonies.

Lopez was taken into custody back on March 13, while Fultz's capture followed nearly a month later, on April 10. The police chief took pride in his force’s resolve, detailing the intricate tapestry of investigative threads that led to these arrests. Arres emphasized, "The persistence of our detectives is unmatched, and we're committed to catching anyone who commits a crime in our town." With the case unfolding, the Naperville Police remind the public heart that charges are but accusations, and the defendants are presumed innocent unless proven guilty in the eyes of the law.