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Published on April 02, 2024
Pembroke Pines Police Seek Public's Aid in Identifying Suspects in $1,200 Target Electronics TheftSource: Facebook/Pembroke Pines Police Department

Pembroke Pines police are on the lookout for a trio of thieves who recently hit a local Target store. The suspects reportedly made off with electronics valued at over $1,200 from the retailer's location at 11253 Pines Blvd. The crime, according to police, involved the culprits deceiving a cashier to load money onto a gift card, which they then used to swiftly purchase the electronic goods.

The incident, which put the craftiness of the crooks on display, has prompted authorities to ask for assistance from anyone who might be able to identify the perpetrators. According to a WSVN report, the theft took place at the Pembroke Pines Target, posing a challenge for law enforcement to quickly apprehend those responsible.

Efforts to resolve the case have intensified with the Pembroke Pines Police releasing surveillance images on their social media platforms. In a public appeal shared on Facebook, Detective Alkie Lewis-Ximinies has encouraged anyone with information to come forward. The plea, accompanied by images of the suspects, explicitly asks for community support in identifying the individuals behind the theft.

Citizens are urged to take a good look and help detectives put a name to the faces that were caught on Target's cameras. As the search intensifies, the police department is banking on public vigilance to lead to a break in the case. Potential witnesses with knowledge pertaining to the theft or the whereabouts of the suspects have been advised to contact Detective Alkie Lewis-Ximinies directly by calling 954-431-2225 or 954-743-1640, as mentioned in an appeal on Facebook.

With community help, the Pembroke Pines Police hope to close the case with arrests soon. They have pledged to follow up on all leads and are offering assurance that any information provided can be done so anonymously. Meanwhile, the investigation remains ongoing, as local residents keep a watchful eye out for any suspicious activities that might help to further pinpoint the identities of the three culprits.

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