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Published on April 02, 2024
Portland Weather Whiplash, Rain and Potential Snow Flout Calendar's Spring ArrivalSource: Unsplash/Sam Schooler

As New Yorkers were breaking out their spring jackets, Portlanders were advised to hold onto their winter coats a little longer. Today might've kicked off sunny with an expected high near 75 degrees, but the weather is set to take a nosedive with rain creeping in later this evening, the forecast slated a 100% chance of precipitation with new rainfall amounting between a tenth and a quarter of an inch, according to the National Weather Service.

Tonight’s rain is just the start, Wednesday promises showers and a significant drop in temperature to a high of around 52 degrees, winds will maintain a mild pace coming from the west-southwest at about 5 mph, and while the chance of precipitation is expected to be 80%, new precipitation amounts will likely be less than a tenth of an inch, the snow level will plummet to 2200 feet, so some residents might even see a dusting of snow, just when they thought winter had said its farewell, as per the National Weather Service. Later in the week, Thursday brings forth a 40 percent possibility of showers after 11 am, with the snow level beginning at a measly 900 feet, which should rise come afternoon time.

The less-than-ideal conditions are predicted to continue well into the weekend. There is a 20 percent chance of showers Thursday night, with the snow level descending to 1900 feet after midnight, and temperatures will take a dip to a low of around 38, as reported by the National Weather Service. By Friday, expect a 30 percent possibility of rainfall, mainly after 11 am, while the weekend could see a high near 53 on Saturday with showers likely, particularly post-11 am.

Portland’s weather dance doesn't stop there, with a likelihood of showers come Sunday, maintaining a partly sunny backdrop with an expected high near 58, but don’t put your bets on a dry night, as there's a slight chance of showers with a low around 39. The clouds might part in time for a brighter Monday having a high around 60, but there’s still a lingering possibility of showers, and just when Portland residents thought they might get a break from the drizzle, they might need to brace for the capriciousness of Pacific Northwest weather a little while longer.