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Published on April 14, 2024
San Francisco Bay to Warm Up After Weekend Showers with 60s and 70s in the ForecastSource: Edgar Chaparro echaparro, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons

San Francisco Bay Area residents, brace yourselves for a rapid weather shift - those weekend showers aren't the end of the story. The skies may have poured their heart out, but as the National Weather Service in San Francisco reports, anticipate an encore of light showers sticking around into Sunday afternoon before making way for drier days. According to forecast discussions, while the storm threat is diminishing this morning, some pockets of drizzle might still haunt the Central Coast and hang around the Bay Area.

Buckle up for the quick transition because after this brief encore of showers, you can expect a climate reverse card - a warming trend is on the horizon, ready to heat up the first half of your week, temperatures in many areas could bounce into the 60s and 70s, while the more landlocked locales might even see numbers reaching into the lower 80s, that's right, from wet and weary to warm and cheery in a matter of days. The warmer spell is set to last through the week, with the mercury dipping a bit as we sail towards the next weekend, when the ridge weakens allowing onshore flow and cooler temperatures, still keeping the skies clear, though.

Meanwhile, aviators might have had easier jobs on sunny days; however, they'll have to navigate through a mix of visual flight rules, marginal VFR to instrument flight rules conditions, as gusty winds take a while to settle down, shifting from easterly to westerly as the day progresses. Radar imagery indicates that the showers are increasingly scattered, and will continue to be a presence for most airports through approximately 18-21Z, after which only vicinity showers will loiter into the afternoon, per the latest forecast.

Mariners aren't left out of this climatic tango, with the National Weather Service warning of moderate to fresh winds through the work week, which may turn the waters treacherous for smaller vessels, the showers persist until they don't—diminishing throughout Sunday as a ridge begins to build, promising dry conditions stretching into the week's end. But before you ditch the rain gear for sunscreen, take heed — the marine forecast includes advisories for small crafts into early Tuesday due to these strong northerly winds.

The NWS Bay Area posted on X that the "incoming solar energy mainly refused today," a nifty way of saying that dense clouds have shunned the sun, keeping our daytime highs way cooler than average for April - bundle up while it lasts. An upper air sounding over Oakland revealed a significant 5,000 feet of cloud thickness, creating a barrier where the atmosphere's temperature and its dew point kiss, resulting in persistent cloud coverage.